As a Horse person for many years, I have had the opportunity to observe many horse enthusiasts and trainers. My earlier years were spent, breeding, showing & competing with horses. It was an era of fast results, and a faster turnover. So much of the early training and foundation work was missed and rushed. The effectiveness of some of these methods short-changed the horses and their riders. There was little time to ask the questions, and less time to get honest, accurate and informative answers.

I was introduced to Deb & Anthony Desreaux at a horsemanship clinic in May 2012. I attended on a young quarter horse gelding, and we went along to learn. It was the beginning of an understanding of the “Why” and “How” with horses.

Ant has a remarkable ability to explain and demonstrate in a way that is easily and confidently understood. His depth of knowledge is remarkable. His approach is polite and respectful. The results speak for themselves. It was a delight to watch the way Ants’ and participants horses, responded to his “Ask”. It was a “real working” partnership. There were many questions answered. Ant’s gentle repetition and demonstration allowed the group to relax and learn. The horses softened and the smiles broadened!

Deb, Ant & Abby, have been able to suggest and supply some great horse equipment. Their expertise with the application and fitting of this gear, make all the difference to horse and rider.
I am so please that deb and Ant have taken this opportunity to “enlighten” the horse journey for so many of us.

I highly recommend spending time with Ant. If you wish to be safer with your riding, or need to address any issues that arise with your horse. Simply getting your horse to a stage where he is a joy to ride in every respect, is a great reward!

Many Thanks Deb, Ant and Abby.
Keep the good stuff happening.
Karen Davis (And Acres)

Ant has a remarkable ability to explain and demonstrate in a way that is easily and confidently understood Karen Davis - Davis Pastoral Cargo NSW

It’s amazing when you want something really bad you push yourself to your limits. I didn’t realise how amazing my horse is! Even tho I’ve only had him for two months it feels like forever our bond is awesome & I wouldn’t give him up for ANYTHING! No amount of money could change my mind. Thank you so much Deb Desreaux & Anthony & Abbie & Kirsty. You guys helped me so much I now have a new found confidence in myself & with in my playful horsey! Thanks so much Reata Ranch Horsemanship your bloody awesome! Cannot wait until next time!

New found confidence in myself Lauren Muller - Charleville QLD

Hello Deb and Ant , thank you so much for the weekend- I have to tell you it felt like a week not a weekend! I feel I have learned so much, to feel my big boy respond with such beautiful lightness to both my thought, my body and my reins took my breath away! I loved every moment . The one word that comes to mind at the moment in regards to what and how you are teaching is “addictive” it’s like I have had a glimpse of what’s possible . I thank you very much for sharing your vast knowledge and always having time to answer my questions. The opportunity to observe Ant working with a variety of horses with different problems was so valuable – seeing a great horseman working with such ‘ feel ‘ was an added bonus to the ground work and ridden work we did.
I look forward to attending many more of your clinics in the future. Ps the cuddles from savannah were the icing on the cake!!! XXX

I loved every moment Chris Lawry - Orange NSW

Rob Hart, my husband and I met Anthony and Deb Desreaux in May 2012. Anthony conducted a four day Horsmanship Clinic at Geurie near Dubbo NSW in which I participated with my mare.

The Clinic included fundamental horsemanship followed by an introduction to working cattle.

In this clinic Anthony catered for a variety of student ability in his teaching and the exercises were designed to help supple the horse as well as improving the use of the horse’s hind quarters.

As an instructor, Anthony has a very quiet but assertive manner and is very clear in his instructions. He is patient as well as being very approachable. Students feel quite at ease in asking questions. He helps build confidence in anxious students which in turn helps them be more relaxed with their own horses. He is extremely generous with his time and always willing to explain or demonstrate a concept. He has a great depth of experience with horses.

At present part of his role as a station manager requires him to manage a large plant of horses at Monkira Station in western QLD as well as his own family horses. The plant horses are used for mustering cattle on the station which develops confidence in horses as well as giving them a purpose which they understand and enjoy.

We had the privilege of being able to send two of our young horses to Anthony for about 6mths. After working with them for about 3 weeks they then took part in the every day activities of the cattle station. It was an invaluable experience for both of them. First being part of a very large herd of horses, and secondly mustering was very settling for them both. Our thoroughbred mare returned to us with a lot more confidence. She is calmer, more connected and responsive in doing day to day cattle work on our own property. The other playful youngster has become much more respectful.

We were extremely grateful for Anthony’s efforts and the time he put into our horses.
We consider Anthony Desreaux to be a very dedicated, sincere, competent horseman and teacher.

Speechday & Swagman Marg Hart - Cowra NSW

I have been riding horses ever since I was a kid and have a deep love for them.I sent my little QH mare to Antony for more education and foundation training.
She had only just been started and was still very unconfidant.

I had a bad accident on a young horse(actually her mother) some years earlier that totally shook my confidence in myself. I got bucked off in steep country and broke both my arms, I was alone and had to walk myself 2 kms back to my house. I ended up having 4 operations on my arms and a lot of time off work.

It took me 12 mths to feel safe on my main horse and it has been a slow journey to get over a lot of insecurities about my abilities.

Anthony took my mare and turned her into a confidant and secure little horse.

I have been able to ride her myself since we got her back and I have only been able to do this because I had 100% trust in Anthony and what he told me he had done for my little horse.
I did feel some fear rise but said to myself “no Anthony said she was fine and wont buck”.

Anthony’s ability and understanding of horses and his kind ways with them strengthens my own confidence in myself and he has given me and my little mare a future together.

I am so very very grateful to him .

Anthony is a great assert to horsemanship in Australia and do not EVER hesitate to access this talent !! Plus -It is home grown!!

Jedda Paula East - Wellington NSW