4 Day Horsemanship Clinic

These are 4 days of intense learning but they are made fun & enjoyable. These clinics are designed to cater for all levels of riders and for horses that are started under saddle. The riders & horses come to learn invaluable techniques & utilize the simple tools of a rope halter, 12ft lead & horsemans flags. For those interested lariat/ rope skills are included.

Each horsemanship clinic runs over 4 days to allowed plenty of soak time for both human & horse. They all begin with being taught correct groundwork skills. These are correct in how you offer the question/command to the horse, how you utilize your tools & your own body & emotion & offering the best deal for the horse.

You will learn how to get your horse balance through moving his/her body equally through the forequarters & the hindquarters. You will get them soft & supple throughout their whole body.

Once good groundwork is established you then take these skills to the saddle.
You will be looking to get a soft feel on your horse, teaching them to be balanced in all quarters of their body, be soft & supple, asking them to transition in their gaits in a balance & willing manner at your cues.

Working horses with the use of all aids, but yet trying to aim for the softness & doing less with your own body to come one with the horse. You learn correct lateral & vertical flexion, moving the forequarters & hindquarters equally & balanced but also being able to separate them when needed. Seeking lightness in all that you ask & do with your horse.

The clinic covers everything from transitions, flexion, lead departures in simple terms, hind & forequarter maneuvers, backing circles, foot falls, leads & lead changes saddle fit, teeth, feeding, float loading to many other issues that are brought up within a clinic itself. The main goal in any of Anthony’s clinics is to get to the horses feet. His mentor Ray Hunt said, “ Control the feet, Control the mind”

If people are interest we cover rope handling skills too as for many who want o be the best with their horses, learn to get handy with a rope (45ft Lariat).