4 & 5 Day Cow Working Clinic

Each clinic starts with some groundwork & horsemanship in the mornings. Anthony has a huge impact on students to really understand about getting to the feet of their horse. Groundwork is the least fun part, but is the most important if it’s taught correctly & he will teach you how to utilize your equipment.

He teaches you how to get your horse doing a lot of exercises on the ground like moving the forequarters & hindquarters equally & balanced, backing circles, teaching the horse to come off the slightest pressure & helping you to reward the slightest tries to get softer & your horse will become more responsive.

He will cover a lot of exercises both on the ground & in the saddle that will enable you to have a softer, more willing partner in your horse. He focuses on correct lateral & vertical flexion, asking the horse to use its whole body equally, but willingly with a good mindset.

He cover leads & lead changes in a very simple way, foot falls, flexion, gaits & transitions & well each clinic produces lots of topics as each student & horse bring up lots of topics. Often saddle fit, trailer loading & riding out are just some topics but there can be many others brought up. Ensure you ask questions, as that is what you are paying for to get help.

All of these exercises will only enhance your horses performance once working cattle. Anthony has a lifetime experience with working cattle & horses in large herds. Having managed large scale cattle stations he will teach you the fundamentals of working cattle from horseback, how to read & rate cattle, He will introduce you to working the cutting machine & working fresh cattle in a herd base & cutting stock out of the herd and either moving them or working them on a fence.

The cow working will be not just about the cattle; it incorporates a huge portion of having your horse working correctly whilst working the stock.  Anthony will be helping you to get your horse working & willing in a calm manner where you & the horse enjoy the job at hand.